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From A to Zee: A Health and Safety Perspective — cold prevention

'Tis the season! To catch a cold.

cold prevention flu prevention

'Tis the season! To catch a cold.

It is estimated that there are 200 viruses that comprise what we commonly refer to as "a cold" or upper respiratory infection (URI). And while you technically can't catch the same cold twice as we develop immunity fending them off, these viruses tend to mutate, leaving us vulnerable to new strains of the same cold virus. Worst of all, it's been reported that flu viruses can live outside the body in some circumstances for up to 48 hours, and scarier yet, avian influenza was found to survive on surfaces for up to 6 days. 

That's uplifting, isn't it?

As the viruses of winter months are simply a fact of life, albeit a dour one, we thus turn our attention to prevention, and ultimately, relief. 

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