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Burn Care

Burns can happen in a variety of different places. An employee working in an office can just as easily be burned by a coffee pot as can a construction worker. Having the right burn care items available at any work-place can ensure prompt treatment of all types of burn incidents. Zee offers Water-Jel® Burn Spray and Burn Jel®, unique treatments for minor burns that immediately cool the burn and draw heat away from it to prevent further damage to the skin. 

General Burns That Can Occur at the Workplace

Thermal Burns: Caused by contact with open flames, hot liquids, hot surfaces, and other sources of high heat.

Chemical Burns: Occur when the skin comes in contact with chemicals or other irritants.

Electrical Burns: Caused by heat produced by an electrical current.

General Considerations

  • Burns should always be considered a serious injury and should receive immediate medical attention. 
  • Remove rings, belts, shoes, and tight clothing before swelling occurs.
  • If clothing is stuck to the burn, DO NOT REMOVE IT. Carefully cut around the stuck fabric to remove loose fabric.
  • If applicable, check MSDS for burn care instructions.

Why Water-Jel®

Unlike ordinary water, Water-Jel® is sterile and its thick, rich, water-based gel ensures that it stays on the wound to maximize heat withdrawal and minimize tissue damage. Water-Jel® burn dressings and burn kits stop burn progression, cool the skin, ease pain, and protect against airborne contamination. Water-Jel® is used by industrial health and safety professionals around the world.